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Title: FS2 Open Crash After Pilot Select
Post by: afettig on October 30, 2020, 01:11:37 am
Hey all, total newbie to the SCP so forgive my ignorance. I've been trying to get FS2Open running as I've been playing the stock FS2 game for years and was recently introduced to the SCP. I have the GOG download of FS2 and used the .jar installer on FSOinstaller.com to download/do a basic install of version 3.8 as recommended by the FAQ. I'm able to launch the game via wxLauncher, view the opening credits and access the first screen to select player. If I select a player, I am able to see the main menu/ship area where you can normally select campaign, tech room etc. However, if I hover my mouse over any of the options, nothing happens (doors don't open like they normally do) and the game crashes within a few seconds. I've gone through a few threads with seemingly similar issues but no joy on a fix yet, so posting here. I also installed version 4.0 with the same reuslts. fs2_open.log should be attached. Thanks in advance!

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Title: Re: FS2 Open Crash After Pilot Select
Post by: The E on October 30, 2020, 03:14:20 am
Hi there!

Okay, so, if the FAQ you found was one on this site, please give me a link; The FSOInstaller you used is outdated and we recommend people use Knossos (https://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?topic=94068.0) instead, which is a combination Launcher and mod management tool. That will likely not fix this issue, but do keep it in mind for later.

That being said: Your log indicates that the crash happens when the engine tries to generate a shader for text rendering. It might be possible that this specific shader may not be compatible with the integrated graphics in your CPU; the only option available to you at that point is to use an older FSO build (like FSO 3.8). The current version (FSO 19.0.0) requires several advanced hardware features that may be too much for 8-year-old Intel hardware at this point.