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Wing Commander moments....
In 1990, I saw Wing Commander on my cousins PC, at a time when I, a 13 year old boy, played games on my C-64.
I still remember how I felt :

If there was anything a human being could possibly desire, it was a PC, so he could play Wing Commander !!!!

I think 2 years later or so, I got a PC on my own. 2 days later I saw my cousin, grabbed the 6 installation discs, and ... well.... I just remember being in a wonderful Wing Commander dream for the following weeks....
And it got better and better with a joystick and a soundblaster.... :)


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Re: Wing Commander moments....
Let's see if we can jog your memory. ;)
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Re: Wing Commander moments....
Oh, for me.......definitely.........

-Jeannette "Angel" Devereaux
-Mariko "Spirit" Tanaka
-Janet "Sparks" McCullough
-Robin "Flint" Peters
-Rachel Coriolis
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Re: Wing Commander moments....
... there I was innocently googling "other works" of my favorite Wing Commander Stars one time... and Wooohaaa Rachel!

That's what she is doing when not polishing Arrows and Thunderbolts!?! :blush: LOL.
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Re: Wing Commander moments....
ah, the good ol' times...soon to be the good new times  :D
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