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I'm behind a satellite connection connection with a 500 MB upload/download total limit except when I'm at work (I work at a hotel, so I could use the guest network to upload; however, I'd likely still have a limit of 90K / sec if I even got that, and it'd be for 8 hour shift, so not sure if I could upload 3.3 GB anyways.

Is there anyone who already has WCS: TDD and also has excellent upload speed (or maybe more than one, that would be better), and who either knows how to forward ports on their router or who is very good at following instructions and thinking logically to work around small differences between what is being instructed and what is actually on the screen (eg, the directions for forwarding the ports on your router were written for the original firmware released 4 years ago and the UI has since been updated?)

If no one minds, I might take a stab at uploading this to (I have an account there) and see if I can get us some bandwidth; however, the problem is, I won't be able to upload too much.  I can create the torrent (once I finish downloading the original file), I just need some seeders to get this thing uploaded to the servers (gameupdates uses servers to seed its torrents; it's unbelievably fast).

What I would do would be to create the torrent, and then post a link to a .torrent link here.  To seed, you would simply need to have your ports forwarded ( has excellent step by step instructions; just ignore the ads trying to get you to buy auto-forwarding programs and choose to manually browse the router / modem database) and you would also need to put (the 3.3GB file, I'm getting mine from , it doesn't matter as long as the MD5 hash is: 39c3cad2f35ecb2c10025cb66ca401ea <- you can check this with HashTab) and the WCS_DVD_Cover.png files into a folder called WCS - Darkest Dawn and then download the torrent and choose to save it to WCS - Darkest Dawn  -your torrent client will then see the files, check to be sure they are correct (they should be), and then proceed to allow you to upload WCS:TDD to gameupdates' servers.


EDIT: I finished acquiring the game before I left work; I can create a .torrent file tomorrow morning (~10 hours from now) if anyone's interested.

EDIT2: Scratch that, .torrent file is here if you want to help.

EDIT3: After it's done uploading, the link to give out as a mirror would be:

EDIT4: It's done

EDIT5: mirror: Patch to version 1.1
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