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Re: Voice Actors Samples List
Renegade Paladin
Accent/Description: American Midwestern, deep voice
Past Experience: GTC Duke and GTL Fortune in the Blue Planet Director's Cut.  Extensive experience with singing and stage acting, professional musician.
Samples: <- Not really a serious line; I just recorded it to have a longer sample.  The statement is absolutely true, though.   :D

Edit:  Updated samples, eleven years later.  I have a better recording rig and a house to myself now, so I can be less... restrained.
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Re: Voice Actors Samples List
Sir Helm

Neutral English (Canadian)
Male - Mid 30's  Mid level voice.
Did Lt Cmdr Bill Trainor for EACW
Samples:  can e-mail upon request


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Re: Voice Actors Samples List

Accent/Description: American Southeastern, mid- to deep-level voice.
Past Experience: None in Freespace. Previous experience with stage acting and unrelated voiceacting.
Current Work: Auditioning for a spot on the cast of Blue Planet. (All current samples have been taken from said campaign.)

BP - Admiral Bosch Impression
BP - Chasing the GTC Duke
BP - Bass Version of the Aforementioned
BP - Breaking Pitch in the Heat of Battle
BP - Cannae Take It Any More, Cap'n
BP - Being Myself
BP - Renjian
BP - Return to Base
BP - What's Our Vector, Victor


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Re: Voice Actors Samples List
Every time I try to's just too big!
OK, I'll try again in reverse...

Community Theater actor....USMC radioman...American mid-toned
Using Audacity and its many wonders
Gimme a line and I'll do an audition
Can also get me at [email protected]

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Re: Voice Actors Samples List
Forgive the instrusions but can you please UL the files somewhere instead of attaching them to posts? Attachments are very limited on HLP.
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Re: Voice Actors Samples List
Accent/Description: British Received Pronunciation (BBC English) with a slight Polish accent. Mid to low voice, deep, audible. 23 years old.
Past Experience: None in voice acting, some stage acting
Occupation: 3rd year college student (English philology)
Samples: ONLY on demand via e-mail or upload to RapidShare/4Share (my upload suck)


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Re: Voice Actors Samples List
Accent/Description: Good english with a dutch accent. Age 30, I find it hard to describe my own voice.
Past Experience: No real applicable experience.

Samples: I'll put up some samples if someone sends me some lines to use. Please add some pointers as to what kind of emotions are behind the lines (anger, boredom, none, annoyedness, etc.), and what type of person is saying it (military, civilian, trader, etc.)


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Re: Voice Actors Samples List
For those of you who bothered to post samples, make sure you have your board settings on for email notification so people can contact you. Or post your email (or other form of contact) in the same post you did your sample links.

(NOT a Mod, just some helpful advice...)
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Re: Voice Actors Samples List
Accent/description: My voice is overall a bit high barely but not much. I have a accent that i recently learned to hide..(you will see why when you hear it) its a kind of mix between Texas south and Irish......not kidding. Otherwise my voice is pretty plain. I work on accent for days if i must.
Past Experience: None applicable.

Samples: Give me some liens whatever info you can I will see what i can do...i don't have any applicable samples as im working on making sure my voice is heard correctly..but i am just finishing up as i post this. so please send what you can I'll work on getting samples soon.
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Re: Voice Actors Samples List
Update: :yes:

I have now mastered the atypical movie soldier style as portrayed by the dude in NEST from Transformers 2, or Psycho from Crysis.

Update update.

For my samples,  see war in heaven 😜
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