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Bit frustrated with Eyes in the Storm
And not because of the turrets! The stealth fighters at the end, even when I know they're coming, always seem to catch me by surprise, instantly destroying the transport from full health in the first salvo before I can react, with the wingmen I've assigned to guard the transport doing piddly squat. What's worse is that I've beaten this mission before, on the same difficulty, but I can't remember what I did. It feels rude to have a sudden reflex check at the end of a long mission like that, so I'm wondering - is there anything I'm doing wrong, or some easy trick to get them to break off their attack before they've opened up their lethal salvo? Thanks!

I'm playing on Easy, for the record. None of the other missions, and especially not the rest of Eyes in the Storm, have been particularly difficult, so I feel like I'm missing something obvious.


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Re: Bit frustrated with Eyes in the Storm
I seem to remember that the best way to go is head-on.  The Stealths are coming from dead ahead of the transport, so just go straight head and you should see them by their trails.
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Re: Bit frustrated with Eyes in the Storm
I'll give that a shot - thank you!

Re: Bit frustrated with Eyes in the Storm
I played the campaign on "Veteran" i.e. middle option

When those Pegasus stealth fighters came I had learnt to spot them due to the Oberon mission in FS2. Charge towards them open fire, they will evade when taking damage. My wingfolk seemed competent enough throughout the campaign; maybe they help more on a higher difficulty? I finished the mission first try, was one of the easier ones. I struggled with others :)