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RELEASE: Blue Planet: Chanticleer

I've made a 13-mission spinoff campaign to Blue Planet, set after the end of War in Heaven 2. 

Mod description:   The civil war between the GTVA and the United Earth Federation has ground on for two years. The GTVA is slowly, surely gaining the upper hand. As veteran GTVA pilot Lieutenant Commander Ned Mozingo of the 52nd Nomads, you and your squadmates will see the war through to its conclusion. The UEF, fighting for its very survival, will use every trick at its disposal to hang on. You, as a GTVA pilot, will have to find ways to get through it and survive to see Humanity unified once again under one banner.

Fully voiced.


- Fight through the Solar System to reunify Humanity under the banner of the GTVA.
- 13-mission campaign fought across the planets of the Sol system, from the toxic skies of Venus to the skies above Neptune
- Character-based campaign centered on a single squadron of fighters

FSO Version: 23.0.0 and higher.

Download link:

Thanks to the_e, darius, durandal, goober5000, naomimyselfandi, asteroth and mjnmixael for the help, and to the BP team for creating such a great mod.

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Re: RELEASE: Blue Planet: Chanticleer
Update: it is now fully voice acted, and available on Knossos.


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Re: RELEASE: Blue Planet: Chanticleer
Played the first four (?) missions and got to say. Great job. First mission is a great start. Charge in alone and you get smoked. Take your sweet time and call Gamma too late, failure. Clean the fightercover and try to take out the Frig, bomber will kill you.
It was a refreshing experience and quite taxing at 2AM.

Re: RELEASE: Blue Planet: Chanticleer
Chanticleer 3.0 is out. I won't spoil it but there is:

- A brand-new 3-mission SOC loop
- New opening cutscene
- Full voice acting
- A medal system