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So I started a collab by accident with Talhydras. I call it the GTVA Khnum. It is made of four ships that can attach to each other: Two GTVC Heqets, the GTVD Anhur and the GTVL Mehit.

The GTVC Heqets can detach from the big ship, the GTVD Anhur, to attach to the fort module, the GTVL Mehit (adding subspace Jump ability to it) or to serve as escorts for either platform. It's basically a battlegroup in one ship.

The Anhur can be deployed with or without the fort module.

With their powers combined you get a Colossus-esque ship made of 4 parts: The GTVA Khnum

And yes, you will be able to make your own attachables if you want. :)

This baby has gone through a lot of iterations.

Love the idea  :yes: I don't think such a ship has been made before in FS and there're very few Terran-Vasudan hybrids in general, cool to see this thing :)


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Is this intended to be a primarily Terran ship with Vasudan design incorporation, or a Vasudan ship with Terran design incorporation?
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Vasudan-Terran Hybrid. It's Post-Capella. The backstory involves the Imperium bailing out Terran corps that worked on the colossus and absorbing them, and by extension, their designs into larger Vasudan corps.

I always wanted to flip the whole, "The colossus is a hybrid ship. It just looks completely Terran" thing.

After Talhydras drew concept art on Sunday for completely unrelated reasons, we ended up here.

"There are no mistakes, only happy little accidents" after all.

[chokes and splutters a bit]  Ahem.  There definitely are "mistakes."  I deal with just a few (mostly) inconsequential ones in my corner of the industry, and they are enough to keep me employed for several lifetimes.  I sometimes think my title shouldn't be "Engineer" but "Sanitation Service Provider" considering some of the **** I have to clean up.

Fortunately, this isn't one of them!  It looks really cool!  Do you give the smaller ships any distinct advantages for configuring them this way?  Like, are they able to be upweaponed a bit since they don't need jump drives of their own?  Or are there some weapons that can only be (fully) powered when all the child ships are docked so their combined power plants can be used?
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The lower bit needs a ship to carry it because it is essentially a 1st-gen Mobile fort. The side ships, they need a carrier to use the beam cannons I am working on to fire a two big Vasudan beams in the future. (Bringing the Khnum's total big beams to 6 instead of 4)

The idea for the fort is to drop it and have it release all of its fighter and bomber complements.

You can also swap it for another lower docking point compatible ship (in the future).