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List of stuff which is useful for modders.

A lot of information can be found on the Wiki. It's likely your questions will be answered by exploring the Wiki Modding Portal. Also, see the list of modding related articles which is transcribed here.


* Creating Efficient Models
* ShadowWolf_IHs Complete Shipbuilding Tutorial based on FSFs Shipbuilding tutorial

* Data boxing
* Hierarchy
* Multiparts on Angled Surfaces
* Rampage's Post Modding Guide (may be somewhat out of date)
* Subobject and subsystem properties
* Turret setup
* 3DSMax STL Check Modifier
* Fixing Non-Manifold Meshes
* Merging sub-objects into a single object
* RgaNoris' Blender-to-PCS2 tutorials (video links)

* 3D Studio Max
* Max to PCS2 Tutorial
* Max to PCS2 to In-Game Tutorial
* Blender
* LithUnwrap
* Maja
* ModelView32
* POF Constructor Suite (also called PCS)
* POF Constructor Suite 2 (also called PCS2)
* PCS2 User Help
* Important PCS2 Threads
* TrueSpace
VP files

* QuickVP
* VPMage
* Using VPMage
* VPmake

* Texturing Wiki article
* Here's something really cool for normal maps creation
* A Simple Texturing Tutorial (not 56k friendly!)
* The GIMP Thread
* General Normal Maps & Modelling Thread
* About Normal Maps
* Normal maps...How?
* Figuring out Ship Shininess
* How do normal maps work
* The Idiot's Guide to Nameplates
* (Free textures resource website)
* K7g's Texturing in Blender Video Tutorial
Conversion & Mapping

* Blender to POF Conversion Guide
* VolitionWatch Fighter Guide
* Collada Importer
* POF Conversion Plug-In for 3DS Max
* Retaining Hierarchy on Export
* UVMapping and Tiling
* UVW Mapping Short Tutorial
* UVW Mapping Tutorial for 3DSMax
* In-Depth Look at UVW Mapping in 3DS Max
* UV Unwrapping Tutorial 3DS Max
* Steve-O's Animation Code Tutorial
* FSF's Shipbuilding Tutorial
* Mapping with UVW Unwrap in 3dsMax
* Texturing In 3D Studio Max
* Dxt5nm convert to blue (for converting normal maps from green to blue in GIMP)


* List of Table Files
* Animation Code
* External Weapons Documentation by Bobboau (Note: the build linked to in this thread is old)
* Tutorial - Beam Weapons
* Modular tables
* Ship Templates
* Subsystems stuff
* Terminology
* Intro to tabling (video)


* Bobbaou's FreeSpace Tutorials (may be slightly out of date)
* FS2 Data Structure
* File Management (video)
* File Types
* Installing Mods for FS2 Open
* Karajorma's FreeSpace FAQ (may be slightly out of date)
* Hitchhiker's Guide to mod.ini
* List of user-made ships
* Squadron insignia
* General 3D Related Tutorials
* Conclusive 3D Reference Site
* MjnMixael's Anim Creation Tutorial
* Video Conversion to OGG

* Seamless Skyboxes
* Spacescape
* Skybox package by ShadowWolf_IH

* Concept Ships
* Video Tutorials[/list]

Thx Snail  :yes:

I'd like to suggest that links to this threads is also added:

This thread explains in detail how to set up Max to do proper  hierarchy, turretsetup, subobjects as well as thrusters, and conversion to dae.
Contains also useful scripts for 3DSMax.


Scooby Texturing Tutorial could be unstickied. Or something.

I'm gonna Dig through the Forums this week and see if i can find moar tutorial jewels.

Thanks for your work collecting all these usefull links Snail, I give you a thumb up :yes:


*raises hand*

How about my tut in my sig..?

Scooby's other tutorial and JGZinv's tutorial have been added. Articles that I deem uber important have been bolded.

Just so that you know, I basically just copied the Wiki's List of modding-related articles with a few additions.... Ah well hopefully the stuff will be more accessible here.

Any other suggestions for inclusion, format, and stuff?


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