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Useful scripts for 3ds Max

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--- Quote from: Kusanagi on January 10, 2011, 03:43:07 pm ---So let me see if I have this straight.

I have a few turrets that I need to add to a ship both blob and multiparts which are in their own separate MAX scenes so I can merge them into the existing scene.

For a blob turret, I would just import it, group it (with its three helpers) and move them to where they need to go with the angles. Ungroup, run the fvec/uvec script, and then run the reset xform script?

For multiparts, the process is the same?

--- End quote ---

Well, yes, that's how it works for multiparts. I'm not sure how it is for blob turrets, but I think at some point a change was made which makes blob turrets use the uvec (if provided) as the firepoint normal instead of the one you can set in pcs2. If that's the case then yeah, you the same process works for blob turrets as well, although the fvec doesn't need to point in the right direction (since there isn't a right direction).

You should also collapse the stack BEFORE doing a reset Xform.  If the stack isn't collapsed some odd things can happen that's irreversible.

There never was any stack on it, heh.

I think this goes back to you giving me a hand with the assault frigate and what a wonderful time we had with that, Scooby :P

Trust me... if the objects modifier stack isn't collapsed, you can get some nasty results when you least expect it (like when you forgot to save before hand LOL)

Edit: This i think is all you need to change

--- Code: --- --print ("Reseting XForm on " +
collapseStack obj
ResetXForm obj
collapseStack obj

--- End code ---


--- Quote from: zookeeper on January 10, 2011, 03:48:18 pm ---So if a turret has a helper called vec* attached to it (does there need to be another helper in between?), the importer automatically creates fvecs and uvecs for the turret based on the rotation of the vec helper? That's a great feature.

--- End quote ---
All helpers should be a child of the "helper" node.


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