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How do I change the font for the mainhall, techroom, etc but not the HUD?


The default font for the non-HUD stuff is too small for me to read comfortably. I've noticed that Sol: A History uses a larger, much more readable font for its menus. I tried copying its fonts folder and fonts.tbl over to my mediavps folder, but that also changed the HUD font, which I don't want to do. Is there a way to set it up so that the menus use the bigger font but the HUD keeps the default font?

not familiar with the file you are using and I don't have a version of them on this device for reference, but it sounds like that in addition to copying fonts.tbl you need to make a change to hud-gauges.tbl (or mv_root-hdg.tbm) as well.

See this:

tl;dr: Unless hud_gauges.tbl uses a string for the value of $Font it uses an index number generated by reading fonts.tbl's contents. Which will be different between two versions of fonts.tbl.

Does the default font have a name I can type in so that the HUD switches to it?

Without having all the relevant files for reference, I cannot give you an actionable answer.


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