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Does yours work? maybe I could try it out some time  

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Mine work's fine, but I still have the maneuvrability problem that I had a few months back.

Guys this "thing" about a competition between HLP and warpstorm is over as far as I am concerned. HLP can and should host any content it chooses too, you won't here any gripes from me. I will also attempt to prevent you from hearing any gripes from anyone else associated with warpstorm.

Warpstorm is going to be going in a completely different direction soon anyway. (this should start in the next 7-10 days)

I have briefly discussed this with Thunder so he should know what I am talking about. BTW Thunder it has taken longer than I anticipated to find new quality space, but I have and it is way better than I thought I could afford. My previous offer still stands, stay tuned.  


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