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Did somebody say they wanted more FS Story?

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I've added 5 new pictures to the Freespace Story over at Hard Light Productions. Heres the list...

[*]Another installation falls to the might of the Lucifer.
[*]A tricky maneuver gets Bosche and the Iceni into the nebula.
[*]Visibility is low, sensors are scrambled - and in space, no-one can hear you scream...
[*]They came, and their instinct was to destroy.
[*]Half a lifetime, and still, their instinct remains the same.


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You... we've been busy, dude  

Like I said, excellent work!

I see you took my idea for ths SSLs.

*snif snif*

Aeolus chunkies.  

Very nice people!!!!!! Keep it up!!!

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Aeolus chunkies.    
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Heheh, don't cry Shrike  


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