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Mind games dead?

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Actually it's rather odd. I just get all settled down and back into the MindGames FREDding groove and then something happens to me that drags me off to do something else leaving me no time for MindGames.

This has happened three times now with the last being about three weeks ago, just as I'd gotten back into some serious FREDding. It's almost as if there was some strange mysterious force that didn't want the story of the Starborn getting out....... :nervous:

The universe is against you. That's normal. But if you don't go back to work no matter if lightning struck you 3 times in a row, I'll personally call in my little friends ( *shows the 'Lucy Fleet of Doom TM'* ).

I'm not flaming, but when will we teach noobs to NOT make these sorts of threads? For christ's sake, they all even have the same names!

Seriously, it'll be out when it's out. Either sign on and help, or wait for it to be ou- augh.

--- Quote from: Titan ---
It takes a long time to do these sorts of things. They only have about 8 people, and they have RL to worry about.
They can only probably devote an hour or two every day to this. And also, they're stuck with the same situation as the blackwater ops have. Everytime they get something done, they have to restart because SCP has gotten some new, important feature. And they have to make it again so that its not some out-of date piece of s***. Sorry, but thats how it is.

--- End quote ---

I hope you know how mature that is coming from you. (that's a compliment)

He posted on multiple forums? And here was me feeling all special. :(


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