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Jeff Vader:

--- Quote from: colecampbell666 on June 05, 2008, 12:51:50 pm ---I hope you know how mature that is coming from you. (that's a compliment)

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People, people. Do keep in mind that anyone who does anything FSO/SCP related does it completely voluntarily. No one gets paid for doing this. Some people have school/studies that take time. Some have to work in order to afford the luxury of roof and eating. When, or if, they have time, they'll work on their FreeSpace projects. But they can't promise anything. And no one can complain because that doesn't help in any way and the people working on projects do not owe anything to anyone.


strange, isn't it? most people (not trying to insult, but its wierd) seem to think that once sombody says they're going to make a mod, the first person thinks that it should be out a month later. and if the modder has to stop working for a week because his sister died, people start to think it's dead...

but like lobo said, everyone has RL to consider. and that's more important than being a sci-fi geek. enjoy having a life. a lot of people that follow star trek, BDG, SW, etc, don't.  :blah:

besides, it takes... what? 30 hours total to make a polished mission?  and most people can only devote an hour a day at best, four maybe on weekends...

for now, go through all the released mods. just because it doesn't have a subforum doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

I found out a small trick about mods- whenever you ask when it'll get released, or call it "dead", all you get is flamed. But you can get a good estimate by asking how much is left to do.

All my posts seem to start flame wars.....

And it hasnt been weeks without activity, its been months. Like i said in the MT forum, no one expects modders to be able to work on a project if they have other work to do, but other members of the team could possibly work on parts of it.

You gotta try not rely on 1 person to do all the major work and hold the project together.


--- Quote from: Grimper on June 07, 2008, 08:43:06 am ---All my posts seem to start flame wars.....

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Oh, I wonder why. :rolleyes:


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