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Black Wolf:
Where're you guys at these days? Is there still activity behind the scenes?

Also, 2 actual questions:
1. Are you planning to release in chronological order?
2. With the U-War release now considered separate to TVWP canon, has the shipset you're using for the early part of the TV War changed vs. that which was used in the U-War release?

The truth, right now not a great deal; i imagine a lot of the team are either busy with RL or busy with the more active projects. Hopefully things will pick up later on; we're down but not out, i'm not going to give up on this. I can't really moan at people for not being here even if i wanted to anyway (just signed up for an MA over here, which eats into a lot of my time). I certainly havent helped either not posting up anything for the fans; Sorry guys.

To answer your questions anyhow (though i can only answer from my perspective for the moment);
1 - Probably not. The team agreed we want to move onto later aspects of the timeline and do them first (the actual T-V war namely :lol:). Our next release therefore to be a later campaign in the storyline, which we hope will deliver what people want.
2 - The two projects will still be canon-linked, but assuming we keep to our previous plans, the first releases will likely be slightly different 'versions' of that canon. There was general agreement that the U-War content is quite dated and could do with a revamp to reach modern standards, and i myself had a few new ideas i wanted to add into the mix (more cosmetic than serious gameplay shifts). To try and stop the project freezing however the decision was to continue with our current storyline and develop the new U-War canon at the same time; when the latter catches up to the former, we can re-release any old-storyline campaigns to take into account the new content, though it is likely very little will change.

Sorry again for keeping our fans out of the lurch! I will try not to let people down in future.

Akalabeth Angel:
Blar, I thought some guys were going to hit up TVWP after ST:R was released, though, maybe they already DID hit it up and that resulted in the subsequent UW releases? Either way it will be cool when this is actually released. I remember having quite a bit of fun with ML-16 lasers and the like back in the FS1 days of no shields.

That being said, I don't need to know the entire backstory like morpheous or mobius or whatever his name is (can't remember). I'll stick to when's it gonna be finished questions like the rest of the noobs.

Well, I kind of burnt myself out on TVWP, so I handed the project leadership over to the guy who seemed most enthusiastic about finishing it. :nervous:

Do you need Help.. with Tech Data Entry┬┤s, Weapons Descriptions, New Weapons, Misiles Ideas, and Explanations "How Work" ???  and those class of things?

Call ME! ^^


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