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whats the hold up? (not a troll)

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Would 4 months work count me as a newbie?

I judge based on mission quality as that's the only fair way. So if you have some missions you can show me I'll take a look. If you want to get a more objective view of your FREDding skills try the FRED Academy. :)

thx. I'll post something up in a bit.

Now that we've had some major releases..3.6.10, port stuff etc, is this and other projects going to be kickstarted again? It seems reasonable that the more talented people would have some more free time now..well not exactly now (Christmas you know), but at the beginning of next year.

Diaspora is currently keeping me very busy. It really does seem that every time I get started working on MindGames there's some major problem with the BSG mod within a week and I get dragged back to working on that.


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