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Welcome to the Diaspora forum!

Many of you have probably noticed the appearance of a new project badge a couple of days ago, along with a lack of answers and knowing smiles from those sporting them.  Some of you may have even managed to piece together the secret of this new badge.

The secret we've been keeping is called Diaspora.

Diaspora is the name of a new Battlestar Galactica mod created in the FS2_Open engine.  As you may have noticed, many of the people with the new badge are people who were once on the Beyond the Red Line team.  Sadly, the BtRL team split up four months ago, mostly over creative differences (We'll not go into this in any more detail.)  Although BtRL is still under developement, the majority of the team left in order to form Diaspora.

Diaspora is an original project using only assets made by members of the new team, and is based on the space combat seen in the Battlestar Galactica series.  Our main focus is on creating a faithful and exciting representation which will fulfill the wants and needs of all those looking for a great multi-player or single-player experience. 

The team will use its experience and knowledge in many aspects of game design to bring you, the player, the best game possible.  That is our commitment to you.  The Diaspora team consists of many former members of the BtRL team, including myself, Ace, Axem, DaBrain, Lt.Cannonfodder, Meleardil, Newman, Speedy (Mr R), Shiv, Turambar, Unknown Target, Wanderer, Wildcard and WMCoolmon.  In addition, we've added several other members to the team.  Some you'll know from other projects on HLP, while others are newcomers eager to share their experience with us.

I'm sure that some of the fans of BtRL have taken the news of the break up poorly.  However, there's nothing to be upset about.  Indeed, the break up was a set back in many ways, but it also opened up a lot of unexpected doors.  We are confident that we can get our first release out reasonably soon.  Of course, some things will be different from what you've seen already in the BtRL demo, but given the vast experience behind this new mod, it'll be nothing for the fans to worry about.  We'll be delivering many of the things you remember from before, jaw-dropping visuals and the fast paced Viper combat you've come to expect.

The website for the team many work in progress pictures for you to enjoy while you wait for release and is located here.

The website and FAQ posted on this forum should answer a lot of the questions about this mod.  Feel free to ask any questions about Diaspora that it doesn't answer. However, we cannot answer any questions about BtRL, as our information about that project is out of date and likely incorrect.

We know this has been a difficult time for some, but we promise that a release is coming soon, and it'll put those dark times out of your mind entirely.

     1. A dispersion of a people from their original homeland. 
     2. The community formed by such a people.

Wait? The Galactica is going to be a new model? No Omniscaper Galactica? Anywho, should be cool.

I know it was something about Battlestar Galactica...what I didn't know is that the BtRL team split up, that's why I wondered if a new BSG mod was necessary.

I said you don't want to post the details of the split, but may I(we all?) know what were those creative differences about? Is BtRL going to lose momentum and delay its release? What is currently happening to BtRL?

I have no idea what is going on with BtRL. Omni seemed confident he could still release without those of us who left and I wish him luck.

To be honest I think the BtRL forums on GW are...dying.

Who's in the BtRL team now? Omniscaper and...?

EDIT: The split implied that both sides got all models and textures?


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