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Retconned Viper VII and Raider

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I'm interested to know what people think about the retconned versions of the Viper VII and Raider that have recently come to my attention.  Initially I didn't notice the change at all but articles at Battlestar Wiki have got a few details showing off the differences.  Have a look:

So it seems that the VII changed sometime around Maelstrom and the Raider changed in Razor and that with at least the Viper VII both versions have been sighted together.

It just seems weird to do an art update that is so significant.  I know the visual effects team changed...but did the timing of that coincide with these changes?  I thought the changes with the VFX team were made for the start of Season 3.

There have been major changes in other ships too, biggest one probably being the Basestar.

The general consensus of the team is that the original versions tend to look better and we'll make them first, but we might make the retconned versions in the future if using them as new ship variants is plausible enough.

EDIT: As for the VFX team changes and such, yes, the changes done to the ships and look of the show is due to the inhouse team taking over late S2/ early S3.

General Battuta:
Well, if Exodus Part 2 was their work, they live up to the standard set in Resurrection Ship.

What makes things really confusing though is when looking at Razor and the use of the original Zoic MKVII alongside the in-house MKVII.

possible excuse:?
raider COULD be just a more advanced model, and the vipers are rebuilt ones/space dirty/??


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