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I don't know what type(s) of campaigns may be in the works but have you considered designing them so they are playable in both single and multi?  Something to think about if you haven't.  I know some of the features from single aren't possible in multi.  Designing the missions so they will work in multi as well as single would make it a lot easier in the future if those features become available.  You also get 2 missions for the FREDing of one.  Of course on the downside it would be a lot more initial work to balance the missions for both. 

To be honest although that can work for simple campaigns the more complex you make a mission the harder it becomes. The idea of turning Birth of a Legend into a multiplayer mission without drastically cutting it down would give me the cold sweats and if it comes down cutting features out of the SP missions in order to make them multiplayer compatible I think you can guess what my response would be. :)

That said I'm not averse to making a cut-down multiplayer version  of some of the missions whenever it is possible.  If it's not I'd rather just make a new multiplayer coop campaign instead.

I was thinking along the lines of already having messaging and that kind of stuff setup so it would be easy to make it multi without loosing any of the plot or having the message come from a ship that may not be in the mission in multi (AI player sent home for example).  Not saying take all the bells an whistles out of single but just keep what is needed to make it multi in mind when creating it. 

Why is it is-multi just popped into my mind?

Mr. R:
Multiplayer Co-Op would rock :)

It's the one style of Multiplay I enjoy, multiple people vs the AI, otherwise I just get my butt handed to me ;)


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