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"Refight the first insterstellar war of Freespace"

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I actually was eyeing droid's askeldian designs and thought it might serve well in the timeline as the antagonist to the ashdehriens (sorry for the writing)...

Akalabeth Angel:

--- Quote from: mjn.mixael on March 30, 2011, 08:14:10 am ---Because it would be a lot of work and no one is interested in doing such?

It would mean creating an entirely new race from scratch at least.

--- End quote ---

Not only that but the result of each battle would be a relative foregone conclusion. If I were actually interested enough to work on a MOD, the only way I'd bring these into a campaign would be as a prelude to Ancient-Shivan contact. Have the Ancients subjugating some lesser race, only to run into the Shivans and start getting their butts kicked. However, a new race would only serve as a distraction if too much time were devoted to it. Best way such a race could serve would be as an introduction to the ancients themselves, to build some player connection before the Shivans arrive.

Spoiler:You just described the plot of ASW

It also would basically be so removed from the established canon as to not really be a FreeSpace campaign at all.

Sorry we didn't specify that this is the "first interstellar war between the Terrans and Vasudans."  I mean, just because it's called the "Terran-Vasudan War Project" doesn't mean much of anything or should apply to the story.

To note, the Ancients vs Shivans would NOT be the first interstellar war anyway.  The Ancients were killing other races long before that encounter.


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