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Blue Lion:
Please download our demo here!

If you downloaded the demo before March 5/09 please redownload it for some minor bugfixes.

Alcibiades' Gamble Demo Readme:


- Freespace Open
- 3.6.10 Official Release MediaVPs
- 7zip, WinRAR or similar extraction program.

1) Installing the demo:

   To install the Alcibiades' Gamble Demo simply extract the contents of the .RAR file using
   any compatible extraction program into an appropriately named folder in your main Freespace directory.
   Just the same as any other mod.

2) Playing the Demo:

   Before you can play the demo you first need to select the mod in the Freespace Open launcher.
   Once you have done that, run Freespace and select the demo from the campaign room.
   The demo consists of 6 playable missions and one in-game cutscene.

3) Once you Finish:

   Please head over the Hard-Light forums to give us some feedback or to report any bugs that may have slipped

On behalf of the entire team, thank you for taking an interest in our little campaign.

The Alcibiades' Gamble Team:

Blue Lion (Project Head)

Allright, awesome. DLing now

Why two threads, by the way? Isn't one enough?

And you spelled the campaign's name wrong a number of times as Alcibilades' Gamble.


--- Quote from: TopAce on March 04, 2009, 01:31:42 pm ---And you spelled the campaign's name wrong a number of times as Alcibilades' Gamble.

--- End quote ---

inside joke XD

What I've seen so far is good. Only problem is the English - There are some recurring mistakes in it. For example: "try and", and in another briefing it's "try to". I'm getting it all screenshotted so I can review it thoroughly. Anyway, only real problem I've found is with the Kestrel: I have no chance in this mission. I can't get close which is what's required to destroy the beam cannons. At the same time I have to deal with the bombers and fighters. Whichever course of action I take, the Mathis is destroyed.


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