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Felix 039:
Inbetween. The missions (and the story that came along with it) is very good, but it is too short in my opinion... perhaps a "flashback" of Alpha 1 could be used as future mission?

We have our missions pretty much set, but having an engaging storyline is an ongoing priority. We'll see what we can do about reinforcing the plot a little in the coming missions.

Felix 039:
So... updates?

Blue Lion:
Finishing up final plot outlines and probably now is a good time to poke the FREDers to make sure they're ok.

Dilmah G:
Ohhh yeahh... well... Once you get around to playing whatever I cobbled together and called a mission, just dotpoint the things you didn't like and I'll get right on them (I was particularly mad FREDing and still am at the moment when I got around to FREDing the mission).


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