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Spoiler:Well yes. I must admit that sometimes that LR's decision weren't really moral, but they just fit with the context and atmosphere. While all factions are technically fully separated, the atmosphere is that of a civil war IMO, and with multiple factions, to boot. Like I said, I've never been shocked by the actions and orders or LR Command.

Will it help or harm the TVWP in any way if it's connected with the MediaVPs via a mod.ini?

Works fine for me with mediavps, but I can't remember if it's on by default or if I added it someday to see if it changed something.

In the first mission of act two I had no music what-so-ever. On the other missions I had no bug so far (there was one crash with only the standard windows error message on mission two, but I couldn't reproduce it).
I didn't yet try to link TVWP with the MVPs. I thought I rather play it through once, before I start experimenting. Spoiler:I just managed to blow myself up with a fuel tank in the raid on the UNEs cargo depot.
One thing that annoyed me a bit throughout the missions so far is the objectives window on the left of the screen (or lack thereoff). In most missions it's simply not there. And for some reason it shows the text "Primary Objective" in green below the actual objectives in the mission were you go up against the Rex.
Another thing I'd like to suggest is, putting the carrier you are supposed to land on into the escort list, once you are cleared to land. It is quite a bother to have to switch through 20+ targets untill you get a lock onto your carrier when you could just hit the E key once instead.

Well,if targeting is bothering you you can always use the hotkeys(F3) and give the carrier a specific Function key:)!


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