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Yes, you've heard it. We need you HLP peeps, for a couple of things. First of all, BP is a huge mod with over 130 ships, so when I'm ready to import a new one, I sometimes don't know where to start. I'd like you to propose 3 ships you think should be imported first, trying  to take into account of (in that order) :

1) I'm not gonna import ships that are in the process of being upgraded (aka most UEF ships, and some FSU ships), and I'll limit myself to UEF, Gefs and Tev ships for now.
2) How iconic they are
3) How they will complete the existing shiplist gameplay-wise
4) How often they tend to appear in WiH
5) How much you like them

I will basically sum points for every suggestion (3 points for your first suggestion, 2 for the second, 1 for the third) and use the scores to determine which ship I'm gonna import next. I'd have loved to use a poll for this, but this isn't really adapted for what I wanted to ask.

You may make suggestions for other ships than UEF, Tevs and Gefs if you wish, they will be taken into account in the future, but they're not a priority.

Here is the current shiplist, I will edit this post as things progress.

--- Code: ---UEF :
UEF Uhlan
UEF Uriel
UEC Custos
UEFg Narayana
UED Solaris

GTF Kulas
GTF Atalanta
GTC Fenris/Leviathan
GTC Aeolus
GTCv Deimos
GTCv Chimera
GTCv Bellerophon
GTD Orion
GTD Carthage
GTD Raynor
GTG Zephyrus
GTI Arcadia
--- End code ---

The second thing I'd ask you is something I have already started to do on the ships I have imported. You see, ingame, when you select a ship, you can see two things : the name, and an about two lines long description. I have used that description space to put instead witty stuff relative to the ship, put out of ingame quotes, tech description, HLP comments or directly from my ass. For instance :
UEF Narayana : Compliments on a match well played
GTC Aeolus : Flak farm
GTCv Chimera : I Wanna Be a Ravana
GTCv Bellerophon : Steele's Wardog
GTD Orion : War is certain to follow

However I'm sometimes out of inspiration. If you feel imaginative, feel free to give ideas (mainly for the ships that are already imported, or the ships on your suggestion list), and if I like them, I might just integrate them in the mod.

Last thing (because I can't count up to two), if any of you have a HW2 copy dusting around somewhere and have some time to spare, there are still some tester slots to fill, especially since I can't test my own stuff until I get unstuck from this crapbook. PM me if interested.


Thanks for your participation !

Current votes :

UEF Kentauroi : 2
UEB Durga : 5
UEC Sanctus : 3

GTF Aurora : 1
GTF Nyx : 5
GTB Artemis : 2
GTCv Diomedes : 5
GTD Hecate : 3
GTD Titan : 1
GTL Anemoi : 2

TF Scimitar : 1

Uriel, Durga, Sanctus, in that order. Going by your ship list, the UEF is clearly in need of some more ships, while the GTVA is in pretty good shape.

Yup, but as I mentioned, I'm gonna wait for the optimized version for those ;) Thanks anyway.

Uriel, Sanctus, Nyx. I don't believe any of those are being upgraded, and while the UEF is in desperate need of ships, the Nyx is just awesome.

EDIT: Nevermind, guess they are. Are there any UEF fighters not being optimized right now?

Well, you said 'most', I was hoping one or more of those weren't included that :p


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