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machina terra is gone?... a bump.

Well crud. :( I really hope someone decides to pick things up....just from the released files, there's already so much work put into it.

Lots of sad and angry people in this thread. :(

But, thanks for releasing the assets. I'm going through them (slowly).

it is a sad day yet there is still hope
sad to see one of the old mods die entirely
but at least its not taking everything with it

First of all, I'm not blaming anyone, because real life comes first.
I'd like to quote Dragon from the internal forums:

--- Quote from: Dragon on May 22, 2011, 03:04:38 pm ---I'm just letting you know that the SVN certification expired.
Now, I'm writing in a thread which is on top of the list and get necro warning. It's also the first post this year.
Seriously, this is not how it was supposed to look like. I joined hoping that there will be something to do, effects to work on, textures, etc.
It turned out the awakening of MT did not last long. I support the idea of releasing a modeldump, since from what I see, MT is just dead. Nobody even noticed the project is looking for help. Over half a year and the only thing happening is an april fools joke in a public board.

--- End quote ---

The only people replying to this were me, Raven2001 & Gloriano. We are just the working force, so there's no project lead to be found anywhere. And without a project lead, a project of this size is simply impossible. It's sad, but I think the decision to stop this and release everything we have done so far was the right choice. Maybe someone will use one of the models for his mod, or get some inspiration while playing one of the almost finished missions.

Don't really know the status of the campaign, but MT15-MT19 should be in a kinda playable state. Yeah, this is some advertisement for the missions done by me, but I don't want all my work to be completely in vain.

Oh, and a special "We're sorry" for CSA-DarthVader, our beloved forum stalker. While most people left, you always were by our side.  :)


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