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Hello fellow HLPers, as it was mentioned before AG can no longer be considered an active project, with a year and a few months of complete silence on the internal forums it was only natural to begin wondering about the future of the project.

The remaining of the team gathered a few days back to discuss whether to continue or drop the project, the majority has decided to drop for a different amount of reasons which we will not explain here, so we find ourselves today making this decision public.

AG is as of now a dead project.

Work continued a little bit after the last demo release, so we have a few things to deliver as a goodbye present.

In this goodbye release you'll find three new missions (7, 9 and 11) that were supposed to make it into the second release, a custom music pack made of tracks composed for us by So_RusTeD (moddb), and few bugfixes on the demo missions.

Download Here (28.5MB)

To run, delete or rename the previous demo release and uncompress the files directly into the Freespace2 folder (7z file contains an AG folder ready to launch).

So this is it people, we extend our most sincere apologies for dropping the mod unexpectedly, and we hope you can at least enjoy this small goodbye present.

AG team signing off.

Deadly in a Shadow:

Another project dropped.

Its always sad to see a project fall by the wayside, hopefully this will give other projects a boost


Shame, it looked very ambitious when it started. At least the music won't be wasted.


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