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--- Quote from: Lucika on December 05, 2012, 06:53:05 am ---
--- Quote from: Veers on December 04, 2012, 10:20:05 pm ---My cents, the planning and development of the story line was rather solid. It is of course, no BP (what else is? :p). But was still a good read to go through.. I did enjoy that :)

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Of course it was no BP. It's not just that I am obviously not on the level of the likes of Battuta (and man oh man would I like to add a 'yet' to this) but also the fact that I never wanted it to be BP; I wanted to make this an FS1-style, mostly 'a nameless cog in the great machine'-type thing. Hell, Shrouding the Light, tops. It got pretty damn outdated - mainly because the whole concept has been outshone by the likes of BP - for one, and hey, the fact that I was a complete FRED and modding illiterate at the start didn't help things. Hell, you could argue that I didn't make a big progress in this regard anyway. It was a mammoth undertaking and I enjoyed every second of it, no matter how it ended.

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I might need to clarify myself: I was trying to say that I never wanted to make Syrk BP-like. :P It's just that its story-related advancement and the changes it sprung made a basic design look positively obsolete. Which, of course, would not have been an issue in and of itself, we're talking about something that didn't make release, I'm just saying that there's now a higher expectation in terms of storytelling. Not a BP-esque story or storytelling method. I'm also not trying to say that it is a bad thing. :)

For reference's sake: you can find the full story here. Thanks for lurking around, guys, it's been a fun ride, honestly! Most of you should have a general idea as to where to find me in case you'd want to. Goodbye :snipe:


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