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--- Quote from: General Battuta on July 21, 2021, 09:45:01 pm ---I really like this game! Savor it, there's nothing like that first playthrough! I just finished the sequel/expandalone/whatever and I really did not like it!

--- End quote ---

It really has been a blast. I just made it to what I know is the entrance to the general endgame area (getting the Cyclops down there was a trip), so I could theoretically push through to the end, but I feel like I want to screw around a good long while before I decide to end it. I agree with karajorma that inventory management can be a bit of a pain: I've had many times where I'll stop collecting a resource for a while because I know I have a bunch of it and don't feel like creating a more comprehensive storage solution, and then inevitably a bit later I'll realize I'm almost out of something. (It is profoundly stupid that you can't break titanium ingots back down into their individual chunks.) I haven't built any lockers on the Cyclops yet, but I've seen screenshots of some impressive mobile base builds, so I might toy around with that. On the other hand, my base design is pretty modest and I have almost every update I need already constructed, so I don't really need too much more in the way of most materials unless I want to go ham on base-building across the world.

The one gameplay element that does annoy me a bit is how arbitrary finding specific upgrade fragments or data boxes can be. It took me forever to find enough fragments to make a battery charger, and by that time I had almost half a locker's worth of discharged batteries sitting around being useless. At this point I'm still missing a few ship upgrade blueprints that would be extremely useful in the endgame area, and despite checking out every single wreck I've come across, I haven't lucked out yet. (I've found what feels like 200 Propulsion Cannon scraps during that time.) I could carry around the materials for a scanning room and power source and scan the hell out of the world, but even then there's no way to check off the HUD indicators for wrecks, so I'd have to plop down a massive amount of beacons to keep track of what I've already checked. Either way I'm doomed to a bunch of Seamoth wandering.

(Also TIL that beds aren't just cosmetic and actually let you quickly progress time. Whoops!)

I also solved that problem by building a small separate base consisting of a power source and a scanner room (with all the distance upgrades) and then taking it apart and building it whereever I felt like looking for databoxes.

Yeah, I think I may wind up starting to go that route, or at the very least start popping beacons on every wreck I've cleared so far. According to the wiki there are 23 large wrecks and even fewer smaller ones, so it's not that insurmountable. I know I could just be a cheaty bastard and look up exactly where they are, but I'm trying to stay at least somewhat honest. :p

Finally got everything I needed. I cheesed it a bit by looking at a map of the wrecks to get their general area, because I'd been moving the scanner room all over the place, but there were a few way the hell out by the edge of the map well beyond where I was planning on setting up scanners. I straight-up looked up the last one or two blueprints that I didn't really need, and one of them wound up being something I'd probably seen at a bunch of wrecks, but it was such a small piece of debris I didn't even bother trying to scan it. Didn't even know the damn thing was in the game until I saw it on a list of items. :p

That was one thing I liked about the sequel. Only one big shipwreck (spread out into three parts but fairly easy to find one from the other).


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