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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Was on my list from a long time, but I was too busy for real gaming. Now I'm still busy [in theory] but my brain decided that's enough and has a very annoying downtime... So I need something that does not require all of my fried-up braincells.

Anyway, spectacular game. It's basically Witcher 3 in new world and combat system more focused on range and critical points...
...and it's good because Witcher 3 is very close to be perfect game, and Horizon is not worse in any aspect. One of the best gaming experiences of my life.

Colonol Dekker:
Witcher 3 had Yennifer.

And Yennifer is life.

I finished Psychonauts 2 and 100%'d it. Easily GOTY for me and actually surpasses the first game in some ways, which was a tall ask. The story has a more serious vibe this time but still manages to be funny, and the platforming and combat are smoother, with every psi power having its place against a particular type of enemy. The surreal levels and environments are the highlight again, and totally different from any other game. My favorite was Compton's Cookoff, the boss fight in it is hilarious. The last few levels reminded me of the final areas of Monkey Island 3 and 4.

If you're looking for a game that gives you those arcade-action sim feelings and a sense of fighting the odds... and despair, Project Wingman is definitely worth a look.

The crazy thing is it is near, or par quality with Ace Combat 7, by a 3 person indie team.

I am enjoying Tunic at the moment, and I can recommend it - espeically if you, like me, played the old SNES/GB/GBC/GBA entries into the Legend of Zelda-franchise.

... but Tunic is more than just a Zelda-clone, even though on first glance it pushes the definition of homage. The thing I've come to adore about it, other than design of protagonist, is how it nudges you to explore and enhances the sense of discovery by withholding information: As you progress through the game the language you encounter becomes readable bit by bit, including the tutorials - which lead to a fun moment with the second boss, which was smashing me flat several times in a row, until I found out that a) I already had the hint that I need to boost my stats to fight it, b) that I already had picked up all the items required to do so, and c) that I already had the instructions how to do it - but just glossed over them because they had no been force-fed to me.


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