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Title: 3 (or 4) Monitor Question (Cockpit/Simpit)
Post by: zahg on March 24, 2013, 11:39:48 am
I'm in the middle of building a general gaming fully enclosed cockpit/simpit, Mostly for this, Tachyon, X2, and Mechwarrior Online...
I've been looking at general info for triple monitor setups, and every one I see has the monitors as a curved front view/set up as one extremely wide monitor. That is not at all what I have planned.
The monitors on my simpit will be set up like a fighter canopy, perfectly squared, left screen directly to the left, right to the right, think 3 sided box...

Anyways, on to my question, is there a way to lock screens to separate viewports in Diaspora?
Also, eventually I plan to install an MFD center console, is there a way (aisde from screen mirroring and magnifying/zooming) to display the DRADIS in its own screen?

EDIT: After days of searching, I found a way to display DRADIS in it's own monitor. A very early version of MFD Extractor made for Open Falcon 4 just does screen/pixel grabs from screen coordinates and outputs to whatever screen you drag the window to, after its on the right screen, right-click it and select 'stretch to fill' (don't use a newer version, it only works with Falcon now). After I found this out, it took another couple days to track down this old version. http://www.nicholas-johnson.com/stuff/MFDExporterFalcon.zip (http://www.nicholas-johnson.com/stuff/MFDExporterFalcon.zip) Just take a screenshot in game, and open it in MS Paint to find the coords you need. Hopefully this will help anyone else who happens to be building a cockpit, or just wants a larger DRADIS.

Having little luck with the other problem, most games don't support view-locking, so I'm most likely going to do a 5 monitor panorama setup(eventually, 1 extra monitor at a time), and just change FOV settings till I get it 'close enough'. :p