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Secrets Revealed... again
Hey, GE.  Did you ever decide upon what was going to happen in ST:R's revamp of Secrets Revealed?  I was just a lurker on the boards back when that thread was posted, and I was curious as to whether or not you settled upon a suitable course of events for the final mission.
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Secrets Revealed... again
Yes. That mission's been finalized for some time... and you'll get to play it as soon as I can get a free weekend to FRED. :hopping:

I'm just as pissed as most of you are that ST:R hasn't been released yet, believe me. But real life has a way of getting in the way.
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Secrets Revealed... again
Yea real life can do that to you.

We are all cheering for you to loose your life so you can fred for us!

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Secrets Revealed... again
Take all the time you need.  We will be here.
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How many missions in ST:R?

I previously had a template that had a 30 mission pack for Silent Threat.  The first 10 missions are basically ALMOST the same as the first 10 in the Original Silent Threat, the second 10 focus on investigating the GTI, and the final 10 involve the chase for the Hades.  Too bad I'm too lazy to get off my keyster to do anything about it.