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2 new Narn fighters

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I know that the Gorith bomber was made by Fabio Passaro.

The other mesh i don't know.

Getter Robo G:
This was in it...


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Freespace questions
If the modders at freespace need comformation, tell them to send me a email at [email protected] i will glady give them permission. I often browse different forums so they may want email conformation.
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Cyber Phoenix:

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For what game are those mods???

Sounds like theft to me.
Maby i should contact Fabio and tell him.

Own and the Narn Tor'Eth was made by Alan Hart .

Getter Robo G:
Before you start throwing the T word around do some checking first...

  I just deleted a Toreth for SCF3 made by Thursday's Child.  Not to mention the Toreth made by the Homeworld team SO that is like 3 different Toreth's right there...

Cyber Phoenix:  That linak is his DL site for all his Klingon Academy mods... Now that I got SCP working and still have the high limit cob2pof program I can now look at using the larger models that have been sitting on my drives for the last 2 years.


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