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banking (40mm)

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Unknown Target:

--- Quote ---Originally posted by Edwin
no guys, he want's to know if you guys could make each gun fire independantly of the other (you know, left-right-left-right)  un-linked firing as opposed to linked firing, or make it swtchable so you can link/unlink your guns at will, like in IFH.
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Add the "cycle" tag to the weapon ;)


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Unknown Target

Incorrect. One, the AI is incredibly hard with sliding, they know how to handle the extra axeses (axi?).
Two the SCP did fix it so that you can change the controls. They're under ship, and listed as thrust up, thrust down, thrust right, and thrust left. I have mine bound to WASD.
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Now thruster effects to show that and it would be perfect.

A Starfury with the right thrusters firing at all times would be cool.


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Unknown Target

Add the "cycle" tag to the weapon ;)
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yeah but then it is fixed on cycle

need to be able to swap between cycle and not-cycle at will, preferably with any gun on any ship.

sorry guys I love to bank left and right, but the star fury just dosent do it fast enougth, at slow speeds like 10 or even at max speed.


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