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A biological imperative to reproduce justified by cultural constructs.

Why do you always have to believe that everything is so scientific? Maybe there is more than meets the eye and more than just the physical realm. I guess I can assume that most Freespace fans or into evolution since Freespace is a sci-fi, though I like to believe in more than just adaptation and don't want to believe in extreme evolution to the point like some people thinking that our self consciousness is an illusion and a survival mechanism, which is going overboard and is too evolutionist fanatical and on the wikipedia web site, it says that view is not accepted by many people (Social Darwinism). Go here: It makes me angry when people don't think outside the box and don't have faith and believe in Social Darwinism thinking bad things like racism, saying that weaker members of society aren't valuable and saying bad things like saying they are inferior and that poor people aren't important and that being strong economically makes you better than everyone else, which it is basically saying about social darwinism at this web site. It is the personaility that counts, not other silly things. I think this belief should be considered taboo.

Also, I'm more than just some physical being :nod: If things were nothing but physical and pure evolution with no after life or God, then life would be pointless because if you had no soul, you would be learning everything for nothing since you wouldn't be around forever to keep all the info you learned. :p

Oh, since others are asking questions about other things, I'll ask a question. Why do lots of people lack faith and are aetheists? :rolleyes: I Hope I didn't strike a nerve but I'm sure you can understand my anger towards that belief which sounds like a belief about being selfish and treating others that aren't as good off economically as stronger people like they aren't important because of believing that survival of the fittest justifies evil. I like poor people because they know true happiness and know that money isn't as important as love ones.
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My response was sarcastic.

If you wish to debate religion please take it to general discussion.

Also once again Social Darwinism (developed by Spencer so really it's misnamed) is a bunch of hookiedookie based off of blatant misinterpretation of biology. However that is still not an appropriate topic of discussion for this board.

Your question was unfortunately lost during the split.

Please repost the question and only the question.

Non BWO discussions (religion, economic philosophy [Social Spencerism, Communism, Randianism, etc.] metaphysics, alien probes, etc.) WILL BE LOCKED.
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