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Re: Appeal for voice actors
I'd love to get some voice acting in for anyone's project.  My default voice is somewhat of an amalgam of Midwest and Mid Atlantic American.  I can attain a variety of different accents and age ranges including virtually all US dialects, most Anglo accents, most Slavic, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and possibly even some Asiatic accents.  I can do anything from short snippets of combat dialog to long winded briefings and reports.  I can also give different "flavors" of characters including yellow bellied newbie pilots, tough as nails drill sergeants, trashy freighter pilots, seasoned fleet officers, etc.  I can also convey emotion in my acting.  Unless you want me to, I'll never deliver a completely monotonous line.  Email me allies_vs_axis(at)yahoo(dot)com if you would like me to voice act.  I am available until August 4th when I ship out for BCT

As a sample for now, here was a Machinima film I had a supporting voice in.  I did the voice of the General in the voice over scene.


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Re: Appeal for voice actors
Hi all/to whom it may concern.
I contacted IPAndrews who said I should post in here.

If you are still looking for Voice Actors for TBP please let me know.
IPAndrews has my details, but if you want to ask me specific questions or have specific script, please feel free to contact me via PM.



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Re: Appeal for voice actors
I am still looking for anyone who could do Major Ryan.

And I will have to contact ALL my voiceactors in the next days. Weeks have passed, lets see if they have done something in the meantime...


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Re: Appeal for voice actors
Hi Skullar...

I did some work for Earth Brakiri war. Samples below. If you ever need voice acting, just PM me
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Re: Appeal for voice actors
Volunteers please check ITNOTE topic

Re: Appeal for voice actors
My samples are in the voice actors sample thread.  I'm glad to do pretty much any part for which I'm suited; in most cases, I can work very promptly, having work back within the day if needed. 
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Re: Appeal for voice actors
once my mic comes in, i am glad to do the voice acting for any human, vorlon, minbari, centauri, or narn. if i have an idea of what the species sounds like, i can do it.

Re: Appeal for voice actors
any one that needs voice actors for male roles private message me with context and script for sample. i am only able to send sample to yahoo or hotmail accounts, as my outlook express does not work right now


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Re: Appeal for voice actors
Cross-post from the Voice Acting forum:

Bumping this again.  The roles are varied enough that I could make use of any voice type.  For those who don't know what TBP is like in-game I posted some videos below.

Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3
Mission 4


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Re: Appeal for voice actors
Send a PM to everybody who ever posted here. Most are probably not even active anymore  :nervous:
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Re: Appeal for voice actors
Well, I used to be around here as CaptJosh. I was supposed to voice Jimmy "Geezer" Brightman for Skullar's EA Civil War campaign, but he dropped out for a while, then I dropped out for a couple years. Since I've been back, I've looked around, but haven't seen anything about that campaign. Is it still being made? Or has it gone vapor?
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Re: Appeal for voice actors
Thread was last posted in nearly 5 years ago to the day
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Re: Appeal for voice actors

In lieu.

Re: Appeal for voice actors
Wow. And it didn't warn me. Sorry folks.
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