Author Topic: Is there a Mac version of this demo?  (Read 2759 times)

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Is there a Mac version of this demo?
I was wondering if this mod/game have a Mac version like some others.
(I use a Mac and really want to try out this game)
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Re: Is there a Mac version of this demo?
The normal version will run on OSX.  It's a mod, not a total conversion, so you just put it in your main FS2 folder and select it as a mod in the launcher.


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Re: Is there a Mac version of this demo?
Even if it's a total conversion, like TBP, you could just put the mediaVPs into the same folder and use FS2_Open to run it. I use a MacBook to play FreeSpace, as well as TBP, and both work.
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Re: Is there a Mac version of this demo?
Felix, are you talking about a Mac version of the T-V War demo, or a Mac version of Freespace? The TVWP is a mod for FS2 Open, which runs on Mac.
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