Author Topic: Happy Birthday yo old fart...  (Read 1521 times)

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Happy Birthday yo old fart...
well seing as your a mod you can erase this but just to say

"happy birthday" FUBAR

and to say thanks for all you do in TBP and god knows how many other projects ......

have a great day and put your feet up in front of the cup race

raises a glass

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Re: Happy Birthday yo old fart...
don't drown in beer mate.   :drevil:

Getting older is only fun until you reached the necessary age for that Adult Rating in your country.  :lol:
Therefore, I offer you my condolences for your birthday today.

Enjoy yourself  :)
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Re: Happy Birthday yo old fart...
So I will join this:

Happy Birthday Fubar!

There I sent probably at the correct day, you a Zathras-Present.   :D :D