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If people wanted new ships for TBP what sort of ships would they want?
I have had some slight inclination to try and do some ships, given the time (which I currently don't have), though whether I would ever bother is another matter entirely. I know there has been some interest in new Dilgar vessels for example to try and re-create the Dilgar War. All the TBP has right now is those silly looking ITF ships. Any new vessels I tried to do would probably be more along the lines of the Agents of Gaming Dilgar. Though I do think the ITF ships in TBP have pretty nice textures, better than the flat green of AoG.

Though the Dilgar are quite a niche fleet suitable for only one real conflict unless someone made some alternate history sort of thing. It might be better to flesh out some of the League ships, or add new races like  the Pak'ma'ra or even make additions to the Narn/Centauri fleets to better explore their war.

I dunno. Some ideas. It's not just me anyway, I'm sure there are some other modellers out there who could lend their services to an established mod that already has a decent following.


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