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I'd like to see about the cross-platform compatibility for the following patches, preferably before they hit Antipodes, get missed, hit trunk, and suddenly everything is broken for everybody.

I'm kidding, we have a process to handle that now. But even still, forewarned is adequately armed so I'd like to give these the best possible chances.

Especially the PNG segment. I realize a lot of folks probably don't give a hang about what PNG is or does (or maybe you do!), but at some point, it's going in. Unfortunately, it has no project files aside from VC6 and 2008, so it's going to need some assistance to get set up for other projects to be able to make use of and compile it.

Thanks in advance and feel free to PM me or hit me up in IRC for any questions or problems!

#1 5755-Warnings.patch
      Resolves under MSVC 2008 compiler Warnings for the /code/ directory. This requires the most testing under other platforms to make sure this introduces no breaks in compiling.

#2 5755-PNG-Full.patch
      Adds .PNG file support. Now modified for generating no warnings under MSVC 2008. Also needs serious testing in other platforms, specifically operational testing for EFF support.
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I'll try to get to these this weekend sometime.
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