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Problems with running Zathras
I have problems cuz when i set Zathras mod in launcher everything seems to be fine, but when im running game i have error:

Error: Zathras-shp.tbm(line 6:
Error: Required token = [#End], [$Subsystem:] or [$Name], found [+Glide Accel Mult:

File:D:\C++\Freespace\fs2_open 3.6.9 - BtRL\code\Parse\PARSELO.CPP
Line: 659
[This filename points to the location of a file on the computer that built this executable]

Call stack:

[This info is in clipboard so you can paste it somewhere now ]

Use Ok to break into Debuger, Cancel exits.

Someone can help me? :sigh:


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Re: Problems with running Zathras
You need a 3.6.10 build or later, I believe, and ti looks like you're running 3.6.9?


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Re: Problems with running Zathras

In the Zathras download, there are new engine builds. Move those to the TBP directory, and select them in the Launcher.
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Re: Problems with running Zathras
Its running now thanks to u The E, but i cant find any of servers first i was thinking thats becouse of FS2Net
i loged there typed my login and pass in options and its still don't running.
And ye i have 3.6.9 version.