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If he's got the launcher working, then he can get a game up in seconds anyway. And it's probably easier to tune stuff with the launcher, too.
I guess you didn't notice that in addition to FSO settings, the script also reconfigured my mouse buttons, loaded the appropriate fs2 .ini file for the mod (using high resolution for SP, low resolution for multi), made backups of my pilot files, loaded GPU settings appropriate for the mod, configured the joystick, switched the CPU clock to high frequency.

To get all that done I'd anyway need a script in addition to the launcher.


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But that's not what S-99 asked about.


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It's true, launcher6.ini is only for windows executables; i just got around to checking. Damnit, i must have gotten confused upon the 3.6.10 launch with new mvp's and thinking that my flag settings took effect when in fact the game just looks great on defaults.

Well no point for me to use the launcher under wine anymore :D As far as wine compatibility goes, the windows executables work perfectly aside from a wonky ingame mouse issue. The launcher was easy to get working, i grabbed two dll files and tossed them in the wine system32 directory, installed windows openal, and good to go...for no reason :lol: Going to make a script for fs2 in a bit.

Getting a 64 bit executable would still be recommended, even for windows users. I'm not biting off more than i chew when i say that this could have easily not been as easy to get running under a 64 bit platform. Most things it's import 32 bit libraries, sometimes a loot of them, and sometimes a little more.

EDIT: Got me a linux startup script going on. Very easy, i took the script from the wiki, and tossed most of the flag settings from launcher6.ini that wasn't getting used into the start up script so that now they are. And now i notice a difference :D

Aside from everything else. Linux mint is an ubuntu spin off. I could care less if this executable was built on ubuntu or not. It works fine, and has worked in other linux distros fine too. I just got lucky that i only needed libtheora0 32 bit library to make it work in 64 bit linux. A 64 bit executable in the future would be great, and is definitely something to consider for the rest of the community including windows users. 64 bit windows users are currently lucky because it comes with all of the 32 bit libraries too for making 32 bit apps works flawlessly (64 bit ubuntu by default comes with most of them, not all). One of the reasons i had nary a problem with running this and many other 32 bit apps under 64 bit vista back when i experimented with it.

In the long run i doubt fso will drop 32 bit compatibility. Open source projects have a tendency to follow compatibility as opposed to platform obsolescence. Microsoft is currently still supporting 32 bit because it currently suits them and the users (yeah i've seen win7 on a p4 machine).
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Win7 runs on almost the same hardware as XP.  It's very quick.  With that kind of hardware compatibility, I don't expect 64bit to become ubiquitous anytime soon.  But getting full 64bit builds in the near future would still be nice, and is one of the goals as we try to move to source-based libs instead of pre-compiled ones.
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