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Mission 26: Charge of the Greys
SPOILERS (probably)

It seems in my case Brock is right for once: the wingleader IS clueless.

Any advice how to tackle this mission?
I have never even reached one of the enemy cap ships because the waves of fighters and bombers just keep coming and I need all of my wings just to stay alive. The friendly cap ships get blown to stardust. My amunition is barely enough for the dogfighting, engaging the capships myself is pretty much out of question.

So how Im supposed to win this?

I must say the later the campaign goes the more I can emphazise with Brock. LR high command, while able to come up with some shrewd moves, is pretty insane, way to demanding with no regard for the lives of its pilots. The LDF feels less like a proper state military organisation and more like a (admittedly effective) guerilla force.
Not that it would be a bad thing, but sometimes I REALLY miss a "defect" button :drevil: