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I regularily come here to see how the mod improves but as the whole site is rather dead all around, wouldn't it make sense to merge the development forum with the other one? Thus way any advancements are readily visible to everybody :)!


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There's a reason Public developement is separated and it should be kept that way.
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Most assets being worked on probably aren't ready for release.  Maybe when they are the main will see more activity.


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Still I don't see the need for a seperation. The traffic on both forums is minimal and there are development related threads on the main forum too! If this is some kind of traditional thing, it's time to get rid of it! That was one of the main messages of the TV show anyway ;)!


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If I understand it correctly it wasn't traditional, it was for problem solving.
Due to problems with the former team-leader, the current TBP release is the final version and won't be changed - ever.

Everything that still is changed is in essence a mod for TBP, but no "official" releases will be made. That's why all the threads about new stuff should actually be in here, and not in the main forum.