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Forum Request, divide this forum into two
Just an idea as things seem to be picking up around this game, but if there was a FRED beginners sub forum where people helped each other learn how to make maps and missions, and could pass materials around I think it would help the community grow, and help separate the wheat from the chaff. 

This forum would then be reserved for posting of finished product, quality releases that are complete products, and would be a nice place to find nothing but good maps. 

Re: Forum Request, divide this forum into two
We already have one of those. It's called FRED Discussion. I don't think anybody is going to mind your FRED questions just because they're for Diaspora.  :)
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Re: Forum Request, divide this forum into two
Yes. For most of us, Diaspora is Yet Another FSO Mod, although it is technically a standalone game, and it behaves pretty much the same, which means that 99% of what applies to a standard FSO mod will apply to the big D. So, make sure to browse the rest of HLP, we wouldn't want half our players to stay segregated in a single subforum !
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Re: Forum Request, divide this forum into two
I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't run another FRED academy for Diaspora. Admittedly I've never gotten a finished campaign out of any of them but the last one I ran internally did get me in close contact with people who are now on the team.

My main argument against it is simply that I don't see enough people playing the early releases of mission. For those of you who are just starting out as FREDders, I strongly reccomend playing each other's mission. Yes, you can learn a lot copying what Diaspora did right, but you can also learn from seeing what others are doing wrong and thinking about how you would fix it.
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