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[Solved] Graphics issue

I just donwloaded, installed and updated to 1.0.2. I have an issue with the display, there is no star field, everything except objects is black; the cockpit is also very simply drawn. I think there is a problem with the textures? I have tried several configurations (including the default), even with everything on max (1920*1080, trilinear, with "high memory features on", max setting in-game) there is still no change.

Any tips?


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Well, the typical quests that Coe after something like this is "what video card do you have and do you have the latest drivers?". It seems like 95% of all graphics issues are solved by getting new drivers.

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Thanks, updating the drivers solved the problem. I have an ATI Mobility HD 4670, updated from 8.692.1.0000 to 8.970.100.3000. Thing is, I've been playing FS2 for quite some time and never had any issues, including using large mem textures, etc. That's why i didn't give the drivers a second thought.


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I had a similar issue and my original drivers weren't that old. I guess Diaspora is really cutting edge.  :cool: