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hi there,

i have tryed to make a "template mission" for the Tube launch. It is okay so far but when i hit the "\"  i get stuck in the tube... Could somebody take a look at the mission?
Thx :)


*know the attached file is updatet and working

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took a look and noticed 3 things: 1 (and the reason you cant move) is because you left Red 1 docked to the Zeus. You either have to undock the viper and slide it back in the tube manually (or write down the co-ordinates the fighter is at while docked, and then set it back to those same co-ordinates after you undock it).

second thing is initial speeds: The Zeus has an initial speed, so it is going to move at the start of the mission and you will fly through the walls on the way out. ships-initial status - velocity, set to 0. This also persists for the player's viper and has to be changed or you'll just start flying down the tube without any keypress.

and the final thing, repeat count for the event 'Launch' has to be very high. 999999 or some random big number. also: the interval time for this event has to be set to 0 or you'll stutter down the tube rather than accelerate.

Hope that helps.

thx that has fixed the "mission".



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I am really interested in grabbing this to add to my missions, is the attached file above updated to include the fixes Suongadon suggested?

know the files are updatet its only a "single" launch.


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Which is the working .fs2 file?  There are 2 attached to the post.

both are working the difference it the name of the battlestar :)


Thanks for the template! it's very usefull.

np ;)



am new to the matter at Fred2. Then started at FS 2 missions had to create but that was long ago.
I would be very happy if someone could please upload this template again.
Thanks in advance.

Greeting Stranger


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There is a comprehensive tutorial on how to get Vipers out of launch tubes here:
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I know the link, thanks for that. However, the whole looks very complicated, and my English is very bad.
So I asked for a template!
So again my request to upload the template


ok i will try the Tut but i need this Template please.

1st of a series of Questions

1. "Set the viper docked to one of the launch tubes of the battlestar in the ships editor."
how i can do this ?
i get this "..set the arrival Cue of Wing alpha "false"....." i cant set at "false" it is grey !
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A trick to do alignments:
Set the viper docked to one of the launch tubes of the battlestar in the ships editor.
Close ships editor
Open ship editor again and undock the Viper.
The Viper's position will return to where it was, but is now perfectly aligned in the tube.

dont know how this should work ?
get always this  :confused:

i cant rotate Vipers in Tubes ?


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You're using the wrong dockpoint on the Viper. Try the other one!


send me your e-mail adress via pm i send u the template :)


@mercer: done  :)