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I've been messing around a little with multiplayer, but every time I launch it says that I have hacked ships.tbl and weapons.tbl

I've made no edits of my own, am patched to 1.04. I've tried reinstalling to no avail. Is this working as intended?


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two things come to mind here.

1) the Diaspora tables haven't been validated with the multi system, though I could have sworn they were.

2) the tables have been validated but with the patching you are using a different version to the validated ones, in this case can I ask if you are using (Diaspora Original/version 1.0#)
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Yeah, the hacked files warning is because we haven't validated the tables yet. We'll see about getting that done as soon as we can.
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Okay, cool. Thank you so much for the swift reply, I just wanted to be sure it wasn't something done wrong on my end.

Also, you guys are the best. I can't love this game enough.


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Thanks you I was getting A message saying I have at least 1 hacked ship file I guess this is the same error