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Fullscreen in Mac OSX
Hello, I'm running a Macbook Pro, and I cannot for the life of me enter fullscreen. I tried the OSX shortcut, I looked through the settings in-game, and I can't find the option. I even went into the toolbar and there was no option for fullscreen. Any help? I can't even see part of the bottom of my screen because it's full resolution on a window, so the bottom is cut off.


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Re: Fullscreen in Mac OSX
The setting is in the launcher, Advanced Settings -> Dev Tool -> Run in a window.  Having said that, it should be off by default so that may not be the problem. Therefore if you check it and it is not set, could you:

1) Please post a screenshot of your launcher Basic Settings Tab
2) Please post your fs2_open.log file.  Instructions on how to do this can be found in this post.
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Re: Fullscreen in Mac OSX
Your original solution helped me to find out the problem. I put it on the desktop, not my applications folder. I had to make that clear for it to go fullscreen. Thanks for the help, kind sir.