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Forum game II: Forum game harder (Vague rule idea outline discussion thread)

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If you need a 2nd set of eyes for the rules, feel free to send me a PM ...

Oh no, not another 'Spoon makes excuses for why he completely failed to meet his own estimate' post.

I should confess why my positive estimate of 2 weeks is completely shattered at this point. It actually comes down to a bit of 'insecurity' on my end. You see, during the first forum game, there were times where I kind of started feeling like it was becoming a chore to keep up with the game. While it was great seeing so many people involved in it and having fun with it, on my end it involved a lot of dumb math (and ho boy, I was so poorly organized). And I guess there's also the pressure of having multiple people expecting me to be on time with stuff (not always my strong suit!).
So it kind of comes down to me being afraid of starting the game and then burning out after a few weeks, which would suck for everyone involved. I do have a lot of stuff automated right now and neatly organized, so hopefully it will be different this time around.

So I was reminded of what a very wise arachnid said on irc; he suggested doing a short 'tutorial' campaign to get people accustomed to the rules and such. Which could also be a great way to test how much of a 'mental drain' this would be for me and to work out kinks in the rules and the like. (On that subject, I've had Orph3u5 take a look at the rules as they are and he had some good suggestions)

Would you guys be interested in doing a 10 turn (20 week) long test game first and see how things work out? It'll take place on a smaller, symmetric map and without faction leaders (making ministers effectively the leaders of the factions for the test game). By the end of the 10th turn, the scores shall be tallied and the winners can drink to their own success.

A short test run sounds cool to me!

Agreed, I suppose. My only concern is that I'm very interested in minister gameplay and that the other DD players might not want to have me play the 'faction leader' role. If any objections arise, I'd be happy playing a normal admiral.

EDIT: Also, don't worry Spoon. There's no reason to apologise or feel bad - you're going above and beyond the call of duty just by trying to set up another game.

I'm happy to help out in any capacity, test game, full game, assistance with behind the scenes etc.

But a shorter campaign will also help iron out any unexpected rules or gameplay. Will be exciting for a *potentially* full length, indepth, drawn out campaign later. :)

Britannia please.


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