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There was no missing the frustrated expression on Headdie's face as he sat facing the square of light projecting from his desk in front of him.

"President Sasha that is a fair point, but I cant understand why we are throwing away weeks of hard work over this."

"Minister Headdie I understand your frustration but the UGC deployment is far in excess of what is needed for their story, and there has been no request from the Independent government for assistance, this is clearly an act of aggression, and one that will put us at a disadvantage."

"I understand that, but surely a treaty would be better?"

"Normally I would agree but the UGC need to be reigned in.  My decision is final, I have contacted the admiralty who are already making preparations, I expect you to make the announcement and give the admiralty what support they need."

"I understand president"

With that the connection closed and the square vanished.

Headdie sat there for a moment, frustration flowing through him.  He had been determined that his tenure would be one of peace for the union and here he was being ordered to announce a war.
With great reluctance he called up the department's press room so they could begin working on the announcement.

H.M.S. Sikanda, flagship of the 3rd CRF - near the Serpents-Aldebaran Starlance

The mood at the Command Council was sullen, the feverish anger at the politics at home had quickly been dispelled by the rapidly developing events elsewhere. Reports of the Sol Union and the United Guilds of Commerce coming to blows over the UGC's commitment to Aldebaran had not been unexpected.

"How long until the SF makes good on words of their government?" aksed Lady Isbjørn.

"I expected them to attack within the hour. An invasion has been in cards for a while now and public silence between the UGC and Sol Union has been a dead give-away that neither side has an interest in avoiding the fight.", Orpheus replied.

"But I spoke with the Herald earlier today and he re-affirmed our orders for the time being. Despite the Prime Minister's proclamation, it is the will of the Queen and her coucilours that we proceed to the Nebular Refineries and secure them.", he added.

He made a hand wave commanding the augmented reality displays in the room to switch to another data cluster, shifting the view from the global situation to the Aldebaran-system.

"The 3rd UGC Regulars are still on course to the Refineries, while the 1st UGC has recalled it's foward elements, possibly to return to Formhault. 1st DD is still in system and like-wise positioned for a jump to the Refineries.

"Ladies, if we are to comply with our orders we have to move now. As soon as this meeting concludes I want the fleet to go to Defense Condition 2. Prepare to move out within an hour.

"Let's pray that the 1st DD's commander is not brazen enough to seek an engagement."

"And of course, that the Guilders' keep true to their honeyed words.", Lady Cathleen followed up her commander's orders.

This one was obviously written before the last deadline... might be slightly out of date due to recent events

Transmission to the Commonwealth House of Lords

Dearest Representatives of Her Majesty,
Exalted Emissaries of the Holy Chruch,
Honoured Exarch of Pegasus,
Lords and Ladies of the Noble Houses,
fellow members of the Gentry,

I stand before you as my crews under my command prepare of battle. The situation in Aldebaran is uncertain. Come morning many under my care might be dead by the hands of a treacherous foe.

But it is not of them I would like speak in this esteemed assembly. I address you today to bemoan the sad state of affairs that has been made off our alliance with the Sol Union. A matter that has put us at the brink of War.

Not too long ago we entered in an Alliance with the Sol Union. A bond fostered by mutual interest and understanding. We gave our word to them that we shall beside them should the spectre of war befall them.
Such commitment was just and right for there was and still is no other partner we can hold above suspicion as we can the Sol Union.

It is a sad reality then that the Sol Forces have begun an invasion of the system of Formhault. Their fleets have moved into the sovereign territory and by all accounts opened fire on the 2nd Guild Regulars.

As response our Minister, Lepanto, has set out on an ill-begotten plan to commit our force to the defence of the Guilders. Then though we have to no treaties with them beyond Aldebaran and the Sol Union has committed no breach of our alliance.
Not only are they not in violation of our treaty, they did not consult us in their planning. Clearly this was a show of respect on their part, for they must have known that we would have nothing to do with so wicked a deed.

While we cannot condone their aggression, we have to value the respect the Sol Union has paid us with their actions.

More worrying however than these events is the manner of ... [pause] "individuals" which we are supposed to aid.

The United Guilds of Commerce are a cancer upon itself. The avarice and gluttony of it's leaders reduces all under it's dominion to something more akin to the beasts of the field than humans. And it is even that way by which they treat the weakest and the defenceless in their communities.
The failings of their Soldateska are the only reason why they clamour for our help. This they have brought upon themselves: The Sol Forces caught Guild Regulars out of position only to because of the Guilder's hunger for the resources found in Aldebaran.

To seek to save them is folly, for if they are not destroyed, they will destroy themselves. To aid them any capacity is only to risk our own destruction alongside them.

And who are those we shall align ourselves for that task?

The soldiery of the Delest Dynasty in an abomination, commanded by men and women who have twisted the divine institution of monarchy. Their leaders doubt our word, question our honour and seek to humiliate and slight us at every turn.

Can they truly be fit allies to us? - For we are the people of New Britannia.

We are ennobled by Honour and Virtue,
exalted by our Resolve and Integrity,
and made humble and whole in Faith.

If there is a shining light of Culture in the Dark of the Universe, it can only originate with us, for we still nurture the embers of the Divine within us.

So let us act with reason and once more prove ourselves worthy of our Covenant.

If our allies in the Sol Union have strayed - from while among them are good and honourable men, they are ruled by the masses - let us be their teachers and not executioners.

If there is to be Peace in our time, let us be it's keepers and not discard it by the wayside.

Let us be paragons of all humanity.
Let us be paragons to all humanity!

For God, for the Queen and for all the Commonwealth!

Soldateska (ger.): from the italian "soldatesca". Degroatory term for a mercenary army (in opposition to then new development which lead to modern armies) that entered use in discriptions of the Thrity Years War (1618-48). Used as an accustory term to point out a lack of discipline and to bemoan their looting and pillaging.

Earth News Channel:
Earth News Channel at 5:15

With no sign of any movement from Sol Gov and the deadline for action past Tension are running high on fronts in Fomalhaut and Aldebaran.

Politically events seem unclear as Sol Force remains stationed in the UGC controlled system of Fomalhaut without a shot being fired for the time being and no public statement from Sol Force or the Ministry of Interstellar Affairs.  Indeed the only vocal party seems to be the Britannic Commonwealth with their Foreign Minister seemingly speaking for themselves, the Dynasty and the Commerce Guild at once, while a publicly leaked statement by one Admiral 0rph3u5 seems to indicate division in the ranks.

Questions remain as to how events will develop, are the Commonwealth's actions signs of a political takeover of the Dynasty and Guilds?  and what are to be made of leaks that the terms of the now troubled alliance between the Sol Union and Britannic Commonwealth suggested no intervention in the conflicts of the other party?

Who knows but Know this the ENC will inform you as soon as we know

OOC: This is going to be out of order slightly, so I've mentioned when it approximately takes place.

Turn 1-ish

The warm hallways of the Ministry of Defence, decorated with details of gold and royal blue, were buzzing with activity and personnel, aides dashing in and out of doorways and side-halls with what appeared to be not a single person taking a leisurely pace to their destination. If one were to have even attempted a stroll through the building, they would likely have been caught up in the whirlwind that was the forthcoming parade, in celebration of the formation of the Commonwealth, but also in remembrance and celebration of His Royal Highness Jaden Arc Victoria, and the conclusion of the First Sol War.

After concluding another meeting within the gardens of the Ministry, Arc Champion Alq Veers, Commander of the Silver Arrow, and Admiral of the First Commonwealth Royal Fleet, led the way back into his office with one of his close aides following him, while he had taken care to avoid the main hallways, the bustle had reached all corners of the building, which made the short walk considerably longer.

"..and I believe we should also be looking into that source near the Serpens node."

"You worry too much Andrew, Admiral Lorric is already nearby and will be investigating himself."

Alq said calmly, as they rounded the final corner to his office. The Guards snapping to attention as the doors slid open,

"There is no need to deploy additional forces from St. Heira, especially when we have the Parade and Celebrations upon our minds".
He continued, passing a quick nod to the guards as he stepped through the door.

His office overlooked the gardens from the third floor, Alq had chosen this spot in particular for its views and location, rather than taking a more grand office on the higher floors or one closer to the War Room. Andrew had walked over to a large holoscreen off to one side of the room,

"And what of the reports of Delest activity near the Carina-Uuni starlance?, surely we cannot let them continue to probe our borders in such a fashion. It won't be long before they become bolder and resume raiding in our territory".

The room remained silent for several moments, only the pouring of water into a glass could be heard. Alq replied only after resting the jug back down and taking a sip,

"I have complete faith that our border force will keep the situation contained Andrew, and we must have faith in the renewed diplomatic efforts of our government at this time.,
He then slowly crossed the room to join Andrew at the holoscreen,

"Deploying our forces, while justified..." he sighed, "Would just give the wrong impression..."


Turn 2&3-ish

It was rather late in the evening, perhaps even early morning now... regardless... the only light source in the room came from an old lamp and the holoscreen that Alq was looking rather intently at.

The latest CRF Intel reports were displayed upon the screen, and more details were on the numerous paper reports he had lying around the desk, some half attached to clipboards. Somehow resembling something short of chaotic organisation.

Muttering to himself as he traced outlines through the map with his fingers.

"Politics deals us the Aldebaran Refinery with the UGC. Alliance for the resources is solid. Good Split. 1st DD enters the area against the announcement. Hostility likely but uncertain.", he traced over to another area,

"Sol has all their fleets in Harcon, interesting. Intentions unknown, trusting of the Delest to stay away from the Sol-Ihefulian starlance."

In such thought, he never noticed the door opening and then closing. They were designed to be silent, but not to the point of being invisible. A young officer had stepped through the door and flipped on the lights,

"Sir?", Alq spun around, eyes squinting against the sudden brightness of the room. The young officer snapped to attention,

"Sorry Sir, I didn't know you were still here. Newest reports from the War Room" he said as he motioned towards the files he was carrying. Alq nodded and returned back to the desk,

"Over here on the desk... Thomas, thank you"

As Thomas walked over and placed them down,
"What news Thomas?, please read them for me" Alq said, eyes not leaving the screen except to bring up the input to make adjustments.

"Well Sir, the 3rd Delest remains at the Uuni-Carina starlance, we have confirmed they have an inhibitor field active but so far nothing else has changed"

Thomas paused for a moment, the screen flickered for a moment as the inhibitor field icon was placed next to the 3rd DD icon. Alq motioned for Thomas to continue.

Several minutes and many adjustments later, Thomas closed the folder and placed it back onto the desk.

"So Sol has initiated a war against the Commerce Guilds.., interesting opponent. And it has played out well for them, they have been able to concentrate their forces with little opposition. Speak your mind at any time Thomas."

"Yes Sir, I think the SF have the opportunity here to knock the UGC out of any galactic participation for some time if they can rout or destroy the 2nd UGC. Even if the UGC can get reinforcements to their capital in time."

Thomas had the map zoom into the Harcon starlance in Fomalhaut, where a long UGC fleet icon stood against the strong SF icons. Alq nodded in agreement,

"And your thoughts on the Delest?, they've moved two fleets into Aldebaran and one fleet directly against the Aldebaran refinery, which we have claimed with the UGC.", he changed the map while speaking.

It now zoomed in to show the refinery drifting within the nebula of Aldebaran, the gaseous cloud reflected nicely against the wall and surrounding room. And would have looked so much nicer if it was not for the lights...

"Well, as you said. They moved in against the refinery even though we had publicly claimed the territory with the UGC. With the SF moving against the UGC, perhaps they hope they can force us to withdraw and not provide any support to the UGC? or perhaps they move to assist Sol or the UGC themselves."

Thomas removed his cap and shook his head, "I'm not the best person to be asking on their intentions, Sir."

"That's quite alright Thomas, You may return to the War Room now"

Thomas rose to attention and promptly left the room. Leaving Alq with the possibility of a new challenge ahead, the reports had also brought forth some interesting changes within the Government and to a degree, the Fleet itself.

OOC: I've cut something like 1/2 of the post out as I need to finish it. Stay Tuned and prepare to throw more things at me! (Flowers preferred, will take booing and empty bottles as well) :p

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